During the fall of 2020 I started planning for retirement in 2021.  While I was in position to handle my basic financial needs throughout retirement, I was concerned about whether I’d be able to continue my penchant for bargain shopping and travel.  I love to find deals and was searching for a way to keep shopping for deals (my passion) and travel (using credit card points!).

One of my kids suggested that I begin a retail arbitrage (e-commerce) business.  I had no idea what it was or how to do it, but with the help of the Empower You program offered by the Center for Independent Living I was able to launch Simple Pleasures Life in March 2020.

About Simple Pleasures Life, LLC

Simple Pleasures Life, LLC is the name of my E-commerce business.

I started by listing a few items from my home (books, a used bathtub spout, etc.) and retail items purchased obtained at a deep discount at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic when a local Walmart closed on 2/23/20.

We are currently selling a variety of goods on eBay, Facebook Market, Amazon and Walmart Marketplace and hope to launch my Shopify store ( by June 2021.  The Shopify store will feature only items that are consistent with the Simple Pleasures Life, LLC mission and vision.  Examples include an ever-changing collection of all things beautiful and simple like scented candles, a pretty computer mouse, crystal teapots with flowering tea, old school typewriters and puzzles.  Our product offerings will eventually include a line of private label products.

My customer is women like me.  Over 40, educated, somewhat price sensitive but also value the beauty of simplicity, down time, fun, and convenience.  I offer my customers items that I like (now that I’m 61), did like (when I was closer to 40), and will like (when I’m closer to 70).


Though I’d like to, I can’t always compete on low-cost or price, but SPL is highly competitive in the areas of quality and service.  We don’t sell anything that doesn’t meet high quality standards and we strive to offer fast, friendly, and responsive service.

Success requires utilization of multiple sales platforms  because different platforms are better for different kinds of products. 


The need to constantly source competitively priced items to sell.  The SPL website is critical to this effort because wholesalers require business partners to have a website and/or a brick and mortar presence.

Time management (sourcing, listing, inventory stocking, professional development, filling orders, studying data analytics, planning, branding, marketing etc.)